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Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Way of The Cue

As with
The Way of The Sword,
The Way of The Cue
is a way of Life,
whereby a participant discovers their true Self,
and the secrets of the Universe.

As the Samurai has his sword,
the pool shooter has his cue.
Each is a Warrior who faces opponents
in a contest where there is only one winner.

The one who has greatest focus,
concentration, stamina, knowledge and skill
will survive to be victorious.

Full Attention
is the primary element.

The Way of The Cue
is celebrated in its highest form
in a formal event.
There are 4 types of events:

1. The Lesson
2. The Competition
3. The Exhibition
4. Practice

Each event has these defined elements:
1. It is video recorded. Each participant gets a copy.
2. One - two hour segments.
3. 15 minute break before resuming next segment.

Pre-Event Preparation
At Home
1. Full body cleansing with unscented soaps, deodorants, etc
2. Uniform: all black, pants, shirt, no adornments,
no advertisements, jewelry, buckles, rivets, etc.
(respect for the table)
3. Water, candy, etc.
4. Equipment: case, 2 cues, 2 spare shafts,
chalk, tool, towel, glove,
(no powder - respect for the table)
5. Meditation, self-hypnosis, affirmations, etc.
6. Any item not specifically permitted above is disallowed.
(no iPods, earplugs, books, papers, computers, PDAs, etc)

Note on chalk use:
participants keep personal chalk
in pants pocket at all times when not chalking,
not on table.
Chalking takes place over the floor,
not over the playing surface or rails.

Pre-Event Site Preparation
1. Clean balls
2. Clean table (vacuum, Chalk-off, then brush)
3. Video setup
4. Refrigeration for water
5. Participants' personal private area (restroom, soap, towels)
6. Participants' event chairs and table

Immediate Pre-Event Preparation
1. Participants remain in dressing rooms
until one minute before the event.
2. Meditation, final equipment preparations,
3. Use the loo, wash hands.

The Four Event Types:

1. The Competition
is a contest between two or more participants
with only one winner determined by known rules.
a. quiet: no talking, etc. no sounds.
b. calm: no displays of emotion
c. respect: integrity, sportsmanship, no sharking, etc.
d. At start and finish, Participants face each other, bow.
(no physical contact during entire event)

2. The Lesson
is an event whereby the student and teacher
work on one specific element of the Way.

3. The Exhibition
is an event whereby a 1 or 2 participants perform.

4. Practice
is an event whereby a sole participant
focuses on one or more elements of the Way.

Each event is identified with a
unique series of letters and numbers,
and a website address where more information
about the event is available.
(Names of participants, date, location, notes, etc)
Also at this website address is an open forum
for further discussion after the event.

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