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Monday, November 19, 2007

What's it all about, FastMikie?

Some people ask: Why do I write this stuff?
It's complicated, but here are a few answers:

"We write to taste life twice."
(Anais Nin)

"Words come to me and
I must write to set them free.
If you read these words, or not,
my work is done.
I had to do it."

This blog is a diary, or journal, of my pool adventures. It began in early 2004 when I decided to get serious about the game after having been away from it for 40 years. It's all here, as it happens. The lessons, the wins, and even the losses. The people, the strategies, the emotions, and hopefully, sometime in the future, the Enlightenment, that point when it all makes sense, and it comes naturally, as if it were there all along...

There are many reasons why I write:

1. Reference. The primary purpose of this journal is for my own reference, so I can learn more fully from my experiences, record my progress.

2. History. So I have something to remember as it actually happened, when I'm old and gray and my memory, vision, judgment, and/or stroke have gone away.

3. Clarity. The act of writing slows the mind to select the right words, so thinking becomes clearer, priorities emerge.

4. Book. Keeping this journal has been a good way to accumulate material for a book on the subject, coming soon.

5. Commitment. The reason why I put this private stuff on the internet is because I have learned that by sharing with others I become more committed to my goals.

6. Law of Karma. Additionally, by making my experiences available to help others who come along after me, the Law of Karma is working to help me.

7. Immortality. A final motivation: writers write in the hope of some measure of immortality; the possibility that future generations of pool shooters, possibly in another millenium, will look on these words with appreciation. The Way of The Cue will persist as long as it brings good into the world.

8. A worthy cause. All profits from this blog are donated to this worthy cause.

So, bottom line:

this blog is one of the better things I can be doing
to improve my game, whether or not anyone reads it,
but my game will benefit as it benefits others.

Miscellaneous Notes

1. Everything always changes. Many times I will post an entry, then go back later and make some changes, additions, deletions. For example, I frequently re-read my old posts, and notice that I should clarify some point, or eliminate some redundancy, or add a link to some reference, or add a photo. So readers may want to occasionally review some of the posts you have already read, just to see if there is something more. People who subscribe to the post notices (free) will only be notified of new blog entries, and will miss out on getting notified of minor edits and revisions of previous entries.

2. Positive comments and questions are encouraged. If you have something to share on the topic of a blog entry, please leave a comment or question. However, this is a place for positive vibes only. Other vibes are deleted.

3. No Gambling. I play only for the love of the game, so there are no references to gambling here. There is no paid advertising on this website. All pool tournament winnings are donated to these charities.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or as Skinner said, "I write to find out what I have to say."

Wednesday, November 21, 2007 7:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

or as somebody else said (forgot the source, shame on me!):

I write in order to know, what I think.

thx alot for your blogging, i love it!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 5:35:00 PM  

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