Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
FastMikie's Fun House, Del Mar, California

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Not the shameless self-promotion it appears.

This entry may seem entirely self-congratulatory,
and even capriciously, gratuitously so.

However, I can assure you that all is not as it appears.

(click for a really good look)

Today is cleaning day here at FastMikie's Fun House.
A trained professional comes in to do the job right,
and to take care of the heavy lifting,
an activity to which I have become increasingly allergic
over the years.

Since the last Fun House major cleaning,
just a month ago,
there were huge wildfires surrounding Del Mar.
Wildfires cause ash,
which gets everywhere,
even into the hallowed halls of FastMikie's Fun House,
and even, (oh, the horror) onto my cherished pool trophies.

I like my trophies.
But I don't gloat about them so much,
as time goes by.
After a year or so, they're kinda old news.
I like the memories, that's the best,
but the trophies seem to accumulate,
get moved around the Fun House,
used as paperweights, doorstops, etc.
Been there, done that.
What's next? Show me something I can't do...

And now, here is this cleaning mission I didn't ask for.
It was an Act of God.
(the fire thing, remember?)

So I had the need to gather up these trophies,
for special handling purposes only, you see.
Even a trained professional cleaning technician
should not be given such important personal mementos,
especially with the pointy sticks, delicate materials, etc.

Now here I am presented with a gaggle of trophies.
A bundle of bling, if you will.
And, the photographer in me immediately noticed
the Kodak Moment.

Now you know the story.
Every word of it true.
It was an Act of God.

God wanted me to show you all my trophies.

I've done my part.

Now I know what you are asking:
"What are all those trophies FOR?" right?
Ok, here goes:

Left Side, front to back:
1. 2005 Triple Play "Masters" MVP (undefeated)
2. 2007 Perfect Season (undefeated) 8-ball
3. 2004 Division 9 ball champions (team)

Middle column, front to back:
1. 2005 Division 8-ball champions (team)
2. 2004 City Champions 9-ball (team)

Right Side, front to back:
1. 2007 MVP 8 ball (undefeated)
2. 2004 US Amateur Championships, California (undefeated)
3. 2007 Division Champions 8 ball (team)

Included in the photo are various patches to wear,
for those times when carrying your trophies into a party
or to the store, is a bit awkward.
And that's my cue butt (Samsara #1676) in the foreground.
It seems my cue is always butting into the picture.

All right, little children.
You're all cleaned up and now off you go.
Back to your lonely lives as
doorstops, paperweights, and bookends.
Back to your lives of obscurity,
to serve quietly until some wayward glance will greet you,
and memories of your big day will give me a smile.

And today was another shining hour, with all your friends,
brought together for a moment in the sun.
I hope you all enjoyed it.

There you have it, dear reader.
True story. Act of God.
I'm not the raving ego-maniac you might judge me to be.

And now that I have shown you mine,
you should feel perfectly at ease showing me yours.



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