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Sunday, November 11, 2007

On the mend...

For the first time in a couple of months
the pain is subsiding,
and I can move my left arm
with more confidence.
This morning I could reach the top of my head,
for the first time in months.
Ah, the joy in simple things!

This is the first mention of my left shoulder,
which was in such pain and limited range of motion
that I actually went to a doctor,
my good friend Mark Kalina,
who gave me a shot of cortisone
which relieved the worst of the pain,
but then it wasn't getting any better,
so I went to a physical therapist Mark suggested,
and after two sessions,
and doing two sets of exercises, well...
it is a miraculous example of the power of
or if you want my system:
Think - Plan - Do - Repeat.

So it looks like I just may shoot pool again.
Thank you, god, whoever you are.

I have not spoken of this challenge before
because it is The Way of The Cue
to create only positive realities.
To write the words of a victim mindset
is to give life to that which limits you.

Additional background on this physical challenge:
It was midsummer this year,
about 4 months ago,
the right side of my neck became
progressively tighter, with pain
that I relieved with Advil to excess.
I figured the cause was the stress of
continuing my undefeated season.
The pain moved to my left shoulder
and increased right through
and after,
the end of the season.
That's when I resolved to rest and heal,
to take a vacation from pool,
but without positive results
after several weeks,
that's when I finally gave in
and decided to Act.
It is only by positive action that
results are achieved.
It is The Way of The Cue.

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