Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
FastMikie's Fun House, Del Mar, California

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gold Crown: it ain't real.

Three years ago,
when I decided to get serious about pool,
I replaced my 8+' Olhausen table
with a new, standard 9' Bruswick Gold Crown IV.
I have given this table strong use over several years.
It's a good table.

A real pool table has real wood, and leather.

Gold Crown lacks both.
Brunswick designed and built these tables
as a unit of commerce first and foremost.
Built to survive hazardous environments.
But it is soul-less.

The retro design is good.
I like it, actually.
Except for the moon-lander feet.

But what's with the bogus wood?
And all that metal?
Somebody went a bit too far.

One of my main disappointments with the GC IV
is the utter lack of attention to detail.
It's as if the phrase "fit and finish" were unknown.
The quality is at 1950's levels.

It needs real wood and real leather.

Can one be built this way?
And would it be built by craftsmen who
want to build furniture for discriminating owners
rather than units of commerce for pool halls.

If not, is there an option?
Is there a table that the highest level players
fully accept and welcome
as an alternative to the Gold Crown IV,
and that is built with real wood and leather?

Is that option a Diamond?

They make these tables with
somewhat more challenging pockets,
and a stunning Honduran rosewood is available,
real wood, real leather.
And it's available with normal legs,
without the moon-lander feet.

I'm not necessarily sold on the design.
But it's real wood and leather.
The way a real table should be.

If I got this table,
would I soon again find some fatal flaw in it,
and in another year or so,
start to look again, endlessly searching
for that perfect table,
which always rolls true, and gives me
effortless and spectacular runs in the hundreds?

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Robert Johnson said...

My favorite is still the Diamond Pro 9 foot table with electric blue cloth. The pockets just seem better than Gold Crown IV. Actually, I don't care about wood and leather. Quality of pool is what matters.

I just played my BCA games on a Brunswick GC 3 on Monday. I noticed that the rails tilt backward quite a bit so that when you are down and ready to shoot, you cannot see the rail diamonds. (The glare from the overhead lights did not help either.) Somebody should have thought about that. I am not sure how well other tables compare with "seeing the diamonds".

Michael McCafferty said...

the rails are the same on the GC IV,
so you can't see the diamonds on the foot rail when down on a shot near the head rail. i'd prefer not to use the diamonds, but sometimes they're helpful.

TW said...

anyone mind to introduce some place to know about diamond system?:)
in fact for people like me in asia, own pool table is a luxury, never heard of anyone having over my country but i dreamt to have one, if i were to choose, i would have used the tables used in tournaments:) diamond table i would say?

Anonymous said...

I hate to sound biased, but I would have to concur with Bob J.

RE: Diamonds
* My favorite thing about diamonds are the flush leather pockets, allowing you to lay your cue down level for shots where you're shooting on top of the pocket.
* The deep, tight pockets are very unforgiving and force you to not be sloppy/careless.
* The rails play so true.
* They are just a beautiful looking table. Period.
* They really hold up well over time. Every Diamond I know of over 10 years old still looks and plays great so long as its well maintained (which I know it would be at Mikie's Fun House).

RE: Gold Crowns
* I actually prefer the way it sounds better when you pocket a ball on a GC vs a Diamond (I love that sound of the ball slamming into the back of the pocket, there's no question that you made the shot).
* It's such a classic table. Who didn't grow up shooting on one in their local pool room?

Can't wait to see what you decide on.

Just my $.02

Anonymous said...

p.s. And yes. Diamonds are a girl's bestfriend...

Michael McCafferty said...

Theng Wei...

For diamond system information, start here:

Google will find many more.
("Billiard Diamond System")

Robert Johnson said...

Brunswick fixed the raised pocket problem when they went from III to IV. The thing I noticed about the Diamond Pro table was the pockets looked a little square-ish rather than rounded. I am not sure, but I suspect a ball is less likely to pop/spin back out on a Diamond Pro once it makes it past the jaw, rather than on a Brunswick.

I assume both Brunswick and Diamond Billiards offer regular or pro-cut pockets.

Note, the only time I played on a Diamond Pro was at Berlin, CT for the 2003 and 2004 US Amateur Championships. I was so impressed with the quality of that table. (Loved the overhead table lamps too; they seemed as wide and long as a bar table.)

TW said...

Thanks fastmikie:) reading and enjoying it.I did not find perhaps i was looking for "pool diamond system"

Billiards Table   said...

Thanks for your post. I really enjoyed reading the stuff. I am waiting for next post.

Gary said...

Thanks so much for the information about the Gold Crown. I've been wanting to get a new billiards table for my house, and this blog is very helpful. I'll know to look for wood and leather. Do you have any suggestions on the best tables?