Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
FastMikie's Fun House, Del Mar, California

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Video experiment using iPhone

A 360-degree tour of the billiard room at FastMikie's Fun House, while standing at the foot of the table.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Loo Door at FastMikie's Fun House

I have been wanting to do a new door to the loo, and give it a billiards theme. It has taken a few years to get around to it, but here's the final product. They will be lined up around the block just to pee and peek at this wonderful work of art.

The stained glass work was designed and fabricated into an extraordinary work of art by Don Myers Stained Glass in Oceanside, CA. The door is solid cherry with brass hinges and handles, and was custom designed, built and installed by Roberto Mendez of MZ3D in San Diego, CA. I strongly recommend both of these excellent artists.

I think this completes the Fun House for now. I am quite satisfied that my work of the past 6 years is good enough to allow me to focus on my new project, and my new home away from home, the Airstream.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Joy of Not Practicing

It has been several weeks during which I have not practiced at all. Haven't even picked up a cue for at least 10 days at a time, and when I did get around to hitting a few balls, it was really very good.

Tonight, for example. I started out stroking poorly, awkwardly, until soon enough the good feeling came back and I began stroking very nicely and doing things with the cue ball which were creative, and yet natural. And sometimes, outrageously precise.

Pure fun! I was not playing pool with the concept that I was working to get better, to improve my skill so that I would be able to compete and win. It wasn't even a thought in my head, except to notice that I was NOT thinking that way, and that was a major part of my thinking for the last 6 years. It was very liberating.

Truth and Beauty, at last!