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Monday, November 26, 2007

Lag Shots - part 2

Above is my last attempt, from last night,
at the exercise mentioned in the first part of this
discussion on lag shots.

You are looking at the foot rail.
I shot from the foot string to the head rail,
then back to the foot rail.
Yes, this is the reverse of how a lag is typically done,
but it was closer to the electrical outlet for the cameras.

Nine of the shots are within two ball diameters
from the cushion.
Four shots had their midpoint within 1 ball diameter.
One shot was snug on the rail.

And, of course we can not ignore
that one shot sitting out there by itself
that didn't even make it past the last diamond.
It's pretty clear that I must have been
thinking about something other than
the shot at hand.
Or maybe I had a stroke-spasm, who knows...

Another thing that shows up from this drill,
especially obvious from marking the resting places,
is that all the shots have drifted off to my left.
(All shots started on the foot string,
midway between the rightmost diamond and rail.)
This drifting may indicate either the table is off,
or I'm giving the slightest bit of left english.

What I would like is a tighter pattern, of course.
Ideally, I would have 10 pasties
all piled on top of each other, 1.125" from the rail.

As Buddy Holly sang so well:
"That'll be the day".



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