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Friday, November 30, 2007

Undefeated, Again

Yesterday I saw the physical therapist again,
and endured some seriously deep massage,
which was not at all enjoyable,
but seemed magically effective.

Completely worn out from the experience,
I got to bed early and slept late this morning,
so I was good and rested when I finally rolled out of bed.

I knew when I was in the shower that
it was going to be a good day.

I could reach straight up with my left hand,
extending as far as possible,
and still there was no pain,
not even discomfort.

It was strangely wonderful.
To have a normal left arm again,
even for just a moment.

I had been waiting for this sign for months.
It meant that today I would hit some balls,
and rejoin The Way of The Cue,
the path to enlightenment,
and of course to global domination at billiards.

Some may suggest that such a goal is unrealistic.
I suggest that the people who say these things
have a certain lack of imagination.

In any case, the Universe provided me with an opportunity
to take the first step along The Way.
The phone rang, it was Dr. Mark,
my arch-rival who challenges me at every turn,
and between us, according to him,
we play for the "World Championship",
and bragging rights, of course,
which are of the utmost importance.

Aye, the gods were with me today,
and I went undefeated in two matches of 8-ball,
and won back the crown which he took from me
when my arm was at its weakest.

Undefeated. I love that word.

Even though this was only a local grudge match,
it was nevertheless a win.

Starting at the moment of a win,
a person becomes, or continues to be,

How sweet it is...



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