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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yo! Check Out My Willie

UPS just arrived!
It's here at last!
Check out my new Willie:

(photos not to same scale. duh.)

In a time long ago and a land far away,
when I first started shooting pool,
I spent 15 bucks and bought
a new Willie Hoppe signature cue
made by Brunswick Balke Collender.

I still have that same cue,
half-a-freaking-century later!

When I started playing pool again,
about 4 years ago,
after enduring the Dark Ages of
40 years of No Pool,
I retired my old Willie
immediately after a match with Loree Jon Jones,
world champion & Hall of Fame pool shooter,
during which I won 2 out of 3 games of 9 ball.
(read the true story)

That same day I bought a cheapo Predator playing cue
to take advantage of the low deflection shaft
offered by new cue technology.

Recently, Predator Cues introduced a replica Willie
The Willie Hoppe Limited Edition
and since I'm a sucker for reliving my youth,
and a cue-a-holic, I got one.
(#169 out of 500)

I'll use it as a break cue, 20.5 oz,
with a 29" Predator 314 Series 2 shaft
and the Tiger hard tip.
It even comes with a spiffy 2-cue case!

I bought it
online from Seyberts.
Good people.
Good prices.

Willie Hoppe reigned as a world champion for 47 years,
longer than any other human, in any sport.
He was inducted into the
Billiards Congress of America (BCA) Hall of Fame
in its opening year, 1966
beating Willie Mosconi by two years.

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