Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Run Six Balls

Practice is one of my most un-favorite things.
I'm lazy. I find excuses to avoid it.
And yet, it is the path to excellence.

To be interesting, practice needs a challenge.

For example: run six balls.

This little test seems easy enough,
but it has bugged me for a long time.
It was first shown to me in 2004,
when I was competing in the US Amateur's
in Berlin Connecticut.
The guy who showed it to me said
he has never seen anyone do it,
not even the professionals he showed it to.
Well, now there's a challenge!

To be fair, maybe he/they didn't try it
as many times as I have.

Position balls 1-6
frozen on the rails, at the diamonds, as shown.
Start with ball in hand.
Pocket the balls in order, 1-6,
into the same corner pocket.
No banks. Must not use opposite rail.

Sounds easy, right?
Try it!!
You'll be mighty surprised.

The tough position, of course,
is getting from the 5 to the 6.
And, getting on the 4
so that you can get right on the 5.

Once you have mastered this drill,
then try it without hitting any other rail
other than the one on which the ball is resting.
Then send me the video!

The thing I really enjoy about this drill
is that position must be so exact
that it is important to Pay Attention
to very subtle adjustments in english and speed.

I learned a lot from all that practice!

The famous Japanese Zen master Dogen told his students,
“Practice is enlightenment.”
This wise teaching applies to billiards and to life.
As we train with absolute commitment in every step,
our practice becomes enlightenment.

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