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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Trophies and Patches Galore!

(click the photo to see it BIG TIME! go ahead, click it!)

Look Ma!
Three trophies and three patches!

These trophies go with the hundred bucks
Tony gave me last night
for our 8-ball team's performance in
the Summer Season.

Of course,
none of this would have been possible
without the help of El Maestro.
Gracias, amigo.

The trophies, left to right:
Division Champion
Perfect Season
Most Valuable Player (MVP)
Notice that they have my name on them,
so they're not returnable!

Here's another look:

(click the photo for a closer look! you know you want to!)

The patches, left to right:
8-ball Break & Run
8-ball On The Break
Most Valuable Player (MVP)

All this stuff,
for only 3 months of my life,
(not counting the 4 years leading up to it)
stressed beyond belief,
hanging out in pool halls,
no life to speak of...
It's like poking yourself in the eye
with a sharp stick.
It feels great when you stop.
I highly recommend it for everyone!

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I need to buy some trophy polish...

But before we go, let's take another look, shall we?

(last chance to click the photo and see it BIG TIME! go ahead, click it!)

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