Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
FastMikie's Fun House, Del Mar, California

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fresh Air and Sunshine

After the US Amateur championship
preliminary round, last weekend,
I thought my pool year had ended,
I was already in vacation mode,
ready to take some time away from the table,
really looking forward to some
stress-free time without competition,
some time for reflection, and writing,
and other creative projects...

That mindset lasted only a couple of days.
Then El Maestro called to announce
that I must compete, with the team, one last time,
at the 8-ball "Blast".

But this blog entry isn't about that.
This is about Fresh Air and Sunshine.

Our team was eliminated in the first round,
and I was home, lying on the floor,
enjoying some yoga moves,
stretching out the stress of my match,
when all of a sudden,
something warm,
on the side of my face...

Warm afternoon autumn sunshine.
The finest kind of sunshine, for sure.
As I am soaking it up,
the thought occurs to me that
it has been too long since
I have felt this good stuff.

My body, uncontrollably, moves closer
to the warmth of the rays.
(science calls it a "tropism")

I start to notice the freshness of the air
a faint ocean breeze
slightly bracing chill,
enough to get my attention.

Why has it been so long since I have enjoyed
these simple pleasures of
Fresh Air and Sunshine?


If I had not gone on pool vacation,
absolutely, for sure,
as of noon today,
I would not be enjoying the
Fresh Air and Sunshine
because the blinds would be drawn
to close out the glare of of the afternoon sun.
It's impossible to shoot pool into the sun.

And, the windows would be closed
to shut off the breeze which
would rattle the blinds when drawn.

So, I have discovered,
Fresh Air and Sunshine
are the enemy of Pool.

And now that I am on pool vacation,
I can once again exhilarate in the
simple joys of existence.

Fresh Air and Sunshine is addictive.
So is pool.
Yet, they are mutually exclusive.
It's like when worlds collide!

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