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Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Moon, New Insights

Just a few thoughts about The Game,
on the evening of winning my match,
and also the evening of the New Moon.
The times around a New Moon and Full Moon
seem to find me writing...

A pool match is a zero-sum game.
There will be one Winner, and one other guy.

Winning feels good, of course,
but Playing Well is more satisfying.

Playing Well is
To stroke well and true, and with creativity,
and designed to win.

Playing well is to be Strong, and Fearless.

Playing Well
Love of the Game,
made visible.*

Playing Well creates the Win.

Tonight I won again, 5-0.
(vs. Jamie Day, skill level 5, then in 4th place)
I am undefeated so far this session, 5-0.
Four out of my 5 last opponents
didn't earn a single game against me.
I'm thinking that means I am getting better at
controlling the game.

I felt I played better tonight.
I did miss a couple of shots,
but I played a couple of real nice ones,
so on balance I did pretty good.

After my match,
El Maestro was coaching another team mate
on a safety play.
I suggested a different approach
and El Maestro adopted it to the situation.
This tells me that
I'm starting to see the game more clearly.

I can only get better with more experience.

* reminder: (c) 2007, all rights reserved!

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