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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Practice Review for April

The Optimum Practice spreadsheet is now online with complete data for the month of April.

It shows only 15 practice sessions, because I missed 4 sessions due to being back in Philly for my father's funeral, but I did get in a total of 33.4 hours practice, pocketing about 3700 balls, averaging 1.7 per minute, which shows me I was taking care of business.

Additionally, I had several perfect drills and achieved several personal bests, and had opportunities for learning through experiments, all of which give me more confidence and knowledge.

Overall, I feel very good about my progress, and I know that continued Optimum Practice will yield excellent results.

I didn't get in very much competition during April. A couple of 8-ball matches with El Maestro, which we split 1-1, and a game of straight pool with Dan S. which I lost 100 to about 93 (?).

El Maestro says I need more competition, so in May I will be heading out of the Fun House to test myself in some tournaments.


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