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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cutest Cueists - Loree Jon Jones

Loree Jon Jones

There's so much that has already been said and published about Loree Jon Jones (aka "Queen of the Hill"), that there is very little I could add to her story. Well, there is that time I beat her 2 out of 3 games in 9-ball, with my 45 year old pool cue, and asked her to verify it in writing on her publicity photo handout (shown above). Read the whole story, click here.

What I remember most about spending some time with her is that she is a real classy lady, and has a great fun personality. And, of course, she's as great looking in person as she is in her publicity photos. Check out this excellent shot from her website:

I think Loree needs a new publicist. When you use Google Images for Loree's photo, the first two images you get are the one at the very top of this blog entry, the one from my website, not hers! That's just not right. In fact, her website doesn't show at all on the first page of images. And even if you Google for her website, it doesn't show at all on the first page of results, but my site is there, with the link to the story I mentioned. So, Loree, if you get a break from chasing after those young kids of yours, and read this, you need a better publicist who is up to speed on search engine optimization!

But maybe, if you're as cute as she is, you don't need no stinkin' search engine optimization...

Check out the Loree Jon Jones official website. When you get there, check out the tip on the pool cue in the photo on the top right of the page. Is it just me, or is that cue tip totally flat? What's up with that?

You could shoot with a broomstick, Loree Jon, and you'd still be great.


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