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Saturday, May 31, 2008

JAX pool school - what I learned: Drill - 7 on the Long String

This very challenging drill was recommended by Thorsten Hohmann at the Predator pool school in Jacksonville, Florida, May 21-22, 2008.

I tried it a couple of times at the school, but didn't make it through. This video is the first time I made it on my table at home, as part of my daily practice routine, on the 4th day of attempts, my 35th attempt overall (maximum of 10 attempts per day).

I really needed this drill, because these are exactly the sort of shots that challenge me. Practicing these shots will help me "see" the line more naturally.

The thing I really feel good about in this successful attempt is that I was interrupted with a phone call, and the subsequent message on the answering machine, and the shadows on the table caused by the late afternoon sun were bugging me, but I just bore down with greater concentration and didn't let all that stuff throw me off.

The rules: All balls are on the Long String. Cue ball on the head spot. 7 ball on the foot spot, 3 ball on the center spot. All balls evenly spaced (every half-diamond). Cut each object ball in ascending numerical order, into alternate corner pockets. Foul on scratch.

Try it! Enjoy...


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