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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Gods are smaller in person

I won't bore you with some shot-by-shot analysis of the matches last night. You can see them yourself for free at the IPT website.

But here are a few observations. This was the first time I have seen a live professional pool match, in person (not on TV).

1. Gods are smaller in person. When I arrived on the scene, the first person I recognized was Oliver Ortmann, one of the world's top straight pool shooters. He was burning a cancer-stick in the parking lot. My first reaction was something like: "Is he sick? He looks a lot thinner than on TV. And shorter too."

And then I saw Rodney Morris, and he looked a LOT less imposing than on TV. Same with John Schmidt. In fact, every pro looked substantially smaller than they do on TV, except for Efren Reyes, who looked the same. Go figure.

2. The audience was tortured with some of the hardest bleachers ever. There's a business opportunity in seat cushion rentals! I would have paid dearly for one.

3. Mike Sigel truly is "The Mouth". I extended my hand as he was catching a smoke outside during a break. Just wanted to say hello, and that was all I got out when he lit into a non-stop breathless description of how many racks he ran recently, then missed an easy shot, and then ran another bunch of racks, and kept on talking so much that eventually I just turned around and went back inside, leaving him to bore another couple of hapless dudes who were standing nearby. He just may have a medical disorder. Pathological blatherer.

4. I'm an idiot. I forgot my camera. Duh. For some photos and more/better commentary, check out OMGWTF.

5. The event was in Hollywood, so there were some luminaries in attendance, including TV's Joe Rogan (Fear Factor) and a bevy of beauties looking to be discovered. When you watch the video on the IPT website, and you are looking for me in the stands, among all those famous personalities, I'll be the only one you don't recognize!

6. When you watch the video, some of your more memorable moments will not be about the pool, but instead about the interviewer-babe who was wearing almost nothing. A friend asked me what I thought of her "top", and I had no trouble remembering my primitive, instinctive reaction: "Mommy!" My secondary reaction was equally universal: "Yo... interview ME!" Don't get negative on me about this. I'm a guy. Guys are dogs.

7. When is it inappropriate to shake hands with someone you really admire? In the men's room. In one of life's more awkward moments, I found myself alone in the men's room with Efren Reyes, during a break. He was waiting for a stall to clear out. I had just turned around after washing my hands. There he was. Pool-God almighty. Only a few feet away. All I could blurt was "I know you!". He smiled his Efren smile, awkwardly. Realizing I had probably already said too much, I bolted, awkwardly.


Blogger Robert Johnson said...

Regarding #6... I began to realize that Rebecca Grant is one very good interviewer (and very pleasing to look at). After watching some IPT videos several days ago, I discovered myspace.com/rebeccagrant, sent her a compliment and she accepted my add friend request.

Friday, May 02, 2008 2:59:00 PM  
Blogger adhesive remover said...

Thanks for the plug! :-)

Monday, May 05, 2008 1:08:00 PM  

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