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Friday, January 11, 2008

There's more to life than pool: Ferrari

The season is upon us.
Ferrari has unveiled the new F1 car.

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and more FerrariWorld.com features.

OK, now that we're on the subject (Ferrari),
check this out:

Shown below is the
12 year old Ferrari I was driving 30 years ago.
That would have been my mid-life crisis.
I was 16 years out of high school,
and it would be another 16 years
until all the work was done.

Photo taken somewhere south of Big Sur, CA.
I had been living in California for about a year.
After having endured 3 Chicago winters.

The car is a 1966 Ferrari model #275 GTB,
12 cylinders of pure sex on wheels.
They made about 300 of these.
Beautiful burgundy color, black leather interior.
Wire wheels.
It had a physical presence.

I bought this cheap
because it was 12 years old,
very near its all time low price.
I drove it every day for 2+ years,
and sold it for the same amount I paid.

I sold it because I was going bankrupt.
My business went bust.
I had hit bottom for the first time.

But things eventually got back on track,
I worked harder and smarter,
and got lucky too, of course,
and soon enough, there were more Ferraris to come...


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