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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Help Wanted: Billiards Practice Assistant

The following ad is currently running in
Craigslist, San Diego, North County:

Help Wanted

Billiards Practice Assistant

No experience necessary.
Set up shots, keep records, operate video camera.
Earn while you learn.

$10 per hour. Part time. Del Mar.
Must be over 21, no criminal record, drug free,
have good manual dexterity,
read/write English fluently,
and want to work in a
clean, quiet
and smoke-free environment.

Email your resume'.

Below is the First letter to those who
reply to the ad in Craigslist:

Thank you for your interest in this unique opportunity to be a Billiards Practice Assistant.

You would be working for an equal opportunity company that gives all profits to a worthy cause. So if you’re looking to get rich quick, it would be best to keep looking elsewhere. This job pays only $10 per hour to start, and out of that you have to pay your own taxes, but at least it’s better than minimum wage.

And at least you’ll be working inside, out of the rain and cold of night and heat of day. In fact, the location is Del Mar, with an ocean view, so the job has some benefits.

But first, are you at least 21 years old, in good physical condition, a non-smoker, with no criminal record, drug free, have your own transportation to/from Del Mar area, and checkable references?

And, you’re a team player, and eager to learn?

Here are some of the Benefits: You earn a little extra money as a sideline, you learn some things you never knew about the game of billiards, you get access to an extensive billiards library of books and DVDs, and your hands might even get in a High Definition video DVD or YouTube video clip (General Audiences). And, the best part: it’s all for a worthy cause.

Here are more details:

* part-time work, afternoons and/or evenings, cannot guarantee hours, but 15 hrs/wk is estimated

* will learn to operate a High Definition video camcorder,

* perform basic record keeping, keep a log book of drills, setups, performance stats, etc.

* possess manual dexterity, speed and efficiency in setting up billiard balls in various arrangements on the table

* as the environment is a very quiet and meditative one, there will be limited talking and no ipods or phone calls during work hours

If you are qualified please send the following information:

  1. which shift are you applying for (1pm-4pm, M-F or 6pm - 9pm, M-F)
  2. your name/address/home phone, cell phone, work phone, website (personal, work, other)
  3. a personal statement as to why you feel that you would be right for this opportunity
  4. provide references of persons you have worked for (bosses only, not peers), and/or the name of your school
  5. provide details of your billiards experience and manual dexterity
  6. provide resume' of work experience including dates, company name, type of work and reason for leaving

Thank you,

To deal with inquiries and
to keep track of all the information and details,
I have contracted with Jane Guthrie,
who is an exceptionally efficient person.
She will go through all the information
and if it's all good then Jane will
schedule first a phone call,
then possibly an interview.

In the interview, the candidate
will be evaluated in these areas:

1. Hands - will be in some video, so candidates will have extra credit for attractive hands, clean, nails neatly trimmed, no tattoos.
2. Face - ditto, although the face will not at all be a focus of the video, the assistant's face may enter the video area in some shots, so it should be allowed for in the selection process. No facial hair (beard, moustache, muttonchops, Elvis sideburns, soul patch, etc).
3. Voice - the voice of the applicant is not expected to be recorded, therefore it is not a matter for consideration at this time, but it could come in to play later, so it should not be ruled out altogether.
4. Evidence of manual dexterity, ability to juggle a major plus, card dealer in a casino, bass player, piano/keyboard player, freestyle frisbee player, yo-yo artist, puppeteer, magician, or other skills demonstrating manual dexterity and thereby giving some indication of success in this unique job opportunity.
5. Quiet demeanor - quiet, comfortable, confident, not hyperactive or overly talkative. Allow for nervousness in initial interview.
6. Scent. Eliminate gum and tobacco chewers, or if they smell like smoke or are heavily scented with perfumes or other agents (including BO).
7. Eye contact. Look for signs of attention, interest, intelligence, humor, compassion,
8. Body Language. Calm, comfortable, confident, secure, peaceful, interested, moves with assurance and balance.
9. Handwriting. Must be legible, clear.

When Jane has narrowed the search
to 3 Finalists, then she will make those 3 recommendations to me,
and then I get to meet all three,
and then hopefully select one lucky Winner!

Good Luck!



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