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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Practice Routine, part 2

Further development of the
Practice Session, with Assistant.

The Practice Session
is a highly focused,

What follows is a general description,
but this will be much more clarified
as actual sessions provide feedback for improvement.

Because the session will be recorded
(in High Definition video)
the entire process proceeds in Silence,
except where noted, IN RED.

The Practice Session

The Student and the Assistant
begin the Practice Session
with a greeting
in the appropriate manner,
without speaking,
a slight bow with the hands folded
at the forehead,
in the way of the yoga greeting "Namaste'"
except in this case the spoken word
is assumed.

The Assistant
then moves to his/her private area
to prepare for the session.
Changes into all black clothing,
removes jewelry, washes hands,
and exits the private area.

The Assistant moves to the pool table area,
turns on the overhead table lights,
and proceeds to brush the cloth
in the approved manner,
while the billiard balls are run through
the BallStar 2000 ball cleaning machine.
Next, the assistant prepares the logbooks,
and the practice materials,
including the list of drills to be performed
in this session.

The Assistant proceeds with
video camera preparation.
Set up the tripod, mount the camera,
turn it on, aim, focus,
make sure all the settings are proper

The Student,
fter greeting the Assistant,
moves to the seating area
opens his case,
removes the playing cue handle (butt),

moves to the head of the table,
and starts the Pre-Session Stretching exercise.
This is a slightly modified version of
the yoga sun salutation,
and in this case is done with
both hands holding the cue butt.

During the stretching exercise,
the Student listens to a recording
(Personalized Practice Session Preparation Audio)
via earphones attached to iPod worn in the pocket.

After stretching exercises,
the Student moves back to the seating area,
assembles the playing cue, takes a seat,
and waits for the assistant to finish.

When the Assistant is ready to proceed,
The Student moves to the table,
the Assistant sets up the drill
which the Student then performs.

Each drill is video recorded.
The camera is started and stopped
for each drill so that clips are short
and easy to find for later processing.

The result of each drill is also written in the logbook.
Each session starts with a new page,
and this page headed up with the date/time
and name of Student and Assistant.
New personal best records are
noted at the moment by the Assistant,
and circled in the logbook.

The session continues until the drills are done,
about 2 to 3 hours, at the most,
The Assistant then executes the Table Cleaning routine,
retrieves personal effects,
and exits.

The Student then spends some time
in private reflection,
and makes summary notes in the logbook,
turns out the table lights,
and exits.


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