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Saturday, October 29, 2005

What is the Cause of Victory?

Recently Malve sent me an email
saying he played a guy who normally beats him,
but this time Malve won 7-0.

Naturally curious, I asked him WHY he won,
and he replied simply that he only missed 1 or 2 shots.
I guess he thought about it some more,
and later sent me this fuller explanation:

In answering your question about how and why I did so well in my recent pool shooting, I should probably add that the reason I only missed a minimal amount of shots is because among other things, I am...

1. becoming more comfortable with my new cue
2. becoming more confident/comfortable with the adjustments I have made to my stroke as recommended during my lesson at Hard Times
3. thinking about the smartest simplest patterns to "get out"
4. staying focused more on all shots specifically the "easy ones" (as if there were such a thing)
5. getting up more often when uncomfortable
6. playing safety more often when I have a relatively easy shot to pocket but a low likelihood of getting position on the next ball or aiming for a cue ball leave that will position me well for a subsequent safety
7. breaking better

I complimented him on thinking more deeply about the true cause of his victory, and got his permission to reprint his answer here to be discovered by.... you?


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