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Monday, October 03, 2005

New Custom Shaft - Is it a Z+ or a 314- ?

Today I ordered my long-thought-about experiment.

The Z-shaft (at 11.75mm) which I use for my playing cue
seems too thin, and the 314 shaft (at 12.75mm)
which I use for my break cue, seems too fat.
So I have always felt that I wanted a 314 shaft
cut down to a compromise between it and the Z.

I called Predator customer service at 888-314-4111
and they say it's ok to cut the 314 down to 12.3mm
and they even gave me a lead on who could do it:
Seybert's Billiard Supply and they'll do it for only
30 bucks, and give me a $50 discount on the shaft,
so I'm still saving 20 bucks and getting a custom shaft!
And they will ship it in a week.

Such a deal.

Now I expect to never again miscue,
and never miss another ball.

Move over Mosconi...


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