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Friday, October 21, 2005

Masters Trophy, at last!

MVP Masters trophy, for my undefeated 2005 Spring Session

The trophy above is the physical representation
of the pinnacle of my pool endeavors for the last 2 years.

The engraving reads:

MVP Triple Play Masters
Spring 2005
Michael McCafferty

What it doesn't say is that I was UNDEFEATED
and against some of the best players in the division.
And that's what means the most to me.
(click here for final standings)

I picked up this bit of bling last night,
more than 3 and a half months after
the final results were published.

It was worth the wait, of course.
But like many of life's more memorable events,
the morning after brings some unexpected thoughts...

Like: "Is that all there is?"
And: "What next?"

I'll be working on those questions,
and keep you posted...


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