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Sunday, October 09, 2005

I Got The (new) Shaft!

My new Z+ (or is it a 314- ?) arrived mid-week,
and it is totally sweet!

(Maybe that's what helped me spank Sorto yesterday!)

This new shaft, as you may remember,
is a standard Predator 314 shaft turned down to 12.3mm
almost half a millimeter smaller diameter than standard,
and a bit more than half a millimeter fatter than
a standard Predator Z shaft.
Now, half a mm may not sound like much,
but I have always felt that the Z shaft was too skinny,
and the 314 was too fat,
and that something in between would be just right, for me.

Tony told me several times that he didn't like the Z shaft
because it is too thin, and wanted me to use a fatter stick.

So now I got one, and I beat him with it.
Now that's a confidence-builder!

I should mention that Seybert's Billiard Supply
did a great job, gave me a good price,
and delivered ahead of the promised date.
You can't get better than that!


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