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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Local 9-ball Tournament Results

I finished in fourth place.
In the money.
As always, all pool winnings go to charitable causes.

Match 1. won 3-1 vs. Ryan B. (C)
Match 2. won 3-0 vs. Scott B. (C)
Match 3. lost 1-3 vs. Brian K (B)
Match 4. won 3-2 vs. Eric M (B)
Match 5. lost 0-3 vs. Rey (A)

The highlight was the shutout against Scott B.
who beat me about a year ago in a regional
playoff for a singles tournament (APA).
It was good to "even the score", of course,
but he wasn't playing great.
It would be better to win against his best game.

I should have won match 3.
I didn't take advantage of my opportunities.
I must learn why I tend to undercut shots.


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