Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
FastMikie's Fun House, Del Mar, California

Monday, May 16, 2005

New Improved Fun House Guest Shooter Benefits

Miltonio stopped by today to discuss making a new cue for me, and of course we played some pool. He suggested One Pocket. I played One Pocket only once, with champion Cecil Tugwell at Hard Times. Needless to say, Cecil won. And so did Miltonio. I should listen to my gut. I really didn't want to play One Pocket because it's not my game, but in deference to a guest in my home, I consented. He's good! And I'm not. Score 8-1 Miltonio. We just played the one rack. Then I switched the game to straight pool. And we had a whole different result. 50 to 26, Fast Mikie. And I made a few sweet shots.

In line with our Fun House policy of Continuous Improvement, I started a new service for guest pool shooters. Generations will have Miltonio to thank for it. I noticed that while he was sitting there waiting for me to run the balls, he was having a lot less fun than I was. I like to see everybody happy, so I brought out an aviation newsletter (he's a Korean war Corsair fighter pilot), so he could read something interesting while he waited for me.

Now that's the kind of people we are here at the Fun House. So if you have a match scheduled for Mikie's Fun House, please let us know in advance what your interests are, and we will try to have something for you to read during those long waits for your turn at the table.


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