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Friday, May 06, 2005

Cue Search

My current playing cue is a Predator with Z-shaft and Limbsaver. Was intended to be a temporary piece to bridge the transition between my 47 year old Willie Hoppe cue and my "Ultimate Cue". That's the one I'm looking for now, a cue of my own design, most likely. I feel ok about the way the Predator cue hits, but I haven't experienced a lot of different cues to really know that much about them.

I have been thinking of getting the newest SE5 Special Edition Predator, built by Samsara, in a limited edition of 100 pieces. I like the Zen theme. I would like to bring that to my game.

Maybe Miltonio could build one for me. I like his spirit. And he was a Corsair pilot in Korea. How awesome is that! We should be able to share some flying stories.

I'm thinking I would want to migrate to a wider diameter shaft. Now using 11.75 mm. Would like to cut a 314 shaft down to 12.25 and finish it with a Moori soft.

There are many new technologies, electronic, harmonic, and mechanical, which can be applied to pool cues, and I look forward to experimenting with various innovations.

My current break cue is the Predator BK, with 314 shaft, and Limbsaver. Some weight was removed from this cue. It uses a Moori hard tip. I get an ok break in 9 ball. I'm learning 8 ball breaks.

Given these two sticks as a baseline, what suggestions would you have to evolve to the Ultimate cues?


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