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Friday, May 02, 2008

Video evidence of practice progress

You may have seen this drill before,
but this is almost certainly my best attempt.
Video recorded in last night's Optimum Practice session.

The shot on the 8 ball is the best one of this attempt.
Because I went a bit wide with my position off the 7,
I got almost straight on the 8,
so I really had to hit it very firm,
with lots of top left.
Notice that the cue ball hits the bottom rail
beyond the 9 ball and then the english takes hold
and brings the ball back to the other side of the 9
for the right shape.

A shot like that is just so beautiful,
it keeps me coming back for more.
The first time I saw Tony make that shot,
I thought I was hallucinating!

The shot on the 1 ball is also noteworthy
in that it reflects a change in my stroke
that I have been focusing diligently on.
For years I would jerk the cue stick back on a draw shot,
but notice that here I'm leaving the stick
in the followed-through position.

For the rules of this drill, and other details and video,
click here.


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