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Friday, May 16, 2008

Third Place was good enough for me

Last night I took the long way to get 3rd place in the weekly 9-ball tournament at Pacific Q Billiards in Encinitas. I lost my first match (race to 3) to James who never let me look at a ball. That's no fun!

So I had to work my way through the one-loss side to get to the semi-finals, five hours later, and by that time I was so tired I couldn't bear the thought of winning and facing a race to 5 to determine first and second place. I just wanted to go home. I got my wish, and lost 3-2 by missing a dinky 8 ball shot after a picture-perfect run out.

I shot pretty good all night, felt comfortable, stayed focused, and played safe when I didn't have an easy run out. On balance, it was a very successful tournament for me.

As usual, all winnings go to this worthy cause.


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