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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I had nothing better to do...

Billiard Practice Assistant Dave didn't make it to work tonight because he was moving, and instead of taking the night off, I got ambitious and played in a local 8-ball tournament. (Stagecoach Inn)

On balance it was a decent night of pool competition, especially considering it was only my second tournament in about 8 months. I came in tied for 7th, out of the money, but I won 4 matches, lost 2.

The important thing for me was that I was playing pretty good, and I kept my focus when I was playing, didn't try any outrageous run outs, played some good safeties, my back held up without much discomfort, and I didn't get nervous and do really stupid stuff.

I feel certain that I could win in extended races against any of the players there tonight, but this was only a race to 1, and anything can happen in a race to 1.

For example, I got there early to play a few games and get the speed of the tables, and in one of the games I kicked to a safety on the first shot, but didn't hit a rail after contacting the ball. The opponent didn't realize it was a ball in hand situation, and he figured he was snookered. So I mention it's ball in hand, and he goes and runs the table! So much for being Mr. Nice Guy. But, again, there little chance that I would have lost in a race to 7 or more. That was the only pre-tournament match I lost, compared to 4 others won.

The tables were exhibiting some bizarre behavior. In one situation, I rolled the cue ball table-length for a safety, and it rolled off by more than a foot! Holy Mackerel, Andy! I should have known better than to slow roll on a bar table, but I'm so used to playing on the perfect Gold Crown IV at Mikie's Fun House that I just expect all tables to play that way. I guess that's why I need to get out and play tournaments: to remind myself what it's like in the Real World, and how to make adjustments.


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