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Monday, January 07, 2008

A Wise Man Knows His Limitations

The selection process for hiring the new

Billiards Practice Assistant

has been vastly improved.

I have delegated the entire screening process
to Jane Guthrie,
a woman of extraordinary capabilities
when it comes to administrative details.

If you have expressed an interest in this job,
Jane will be contacting you shortly.

Anyone who wants to learn more about this job,
please email Jane.

Thank You!

To help Jane find the perfect candidate quickly
I put together this 7 step process
for her to follow:

1. Process inquiries.

A. Describe the kind of person we are looking for:

  • equal opportunity.
  • must be 21 or older, good physical condition, eager to learn, easy to get along with,
  • no smokers, no criminal record, checkable references
  • $10/hr, independent contractor (1099), have transportation (Del Mar area),
B. Describe the job:
  • part time work, afternoons or evenings, can not guarantee any hours but 15 hrs/wk is estimated,
  • learn to operate a camcorder (on tripod), basic operations only (play/pause/rewind, etc)
  • basic record keeping, log book of drills, setups, performance stats, etc.
  • manual dexterity required to set up billiard balls in various arrangements on the table, fast and efficient
  • very quiet, meditative environment, no ipods, no phone calls, limited talking
  • (practice sessions will be recorded (High Defiinition video/audio)
  • benefits: learn pool/billiards, access to extensive billiards library of books, DVDs, etc, possible video appearances

2. Get more information:
  • which shift are they applying for (1pm-4pm, M-F or 6pm - 9pm, M-F)
  • name/address/home phone, cell phone, work phone, website (personal, work, other),
  • personal statement why they feel they would be right for this opportunity
  • references of people they have worked for (bosses only, not peers), and/or where they go to school
  • details of their billiards experience.
  • get signed model release, candidate may appear on one or more video clips which may be put on website/DVD/etc.
  • (this is NOT an acting opportunity, no lines to read/memorize, candidate will be background only, no acting experience needed)

3. Check references

4. Interviews (first phone, then in person, at starbucks, comes after all else is ok)

5. Select 3 Finalist Candidates. After judging based on going through the above filters, 3 Finalist candidates are selected.

6. Select the winner. After interview with FastMikie, at Mikie's Fun House, in beautiful Del Mar, California. Winner will be notified directly and announced on the website.

7. Celebration, welcome lunch, training begins!


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