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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Winter planning session

Outside, in the real world,
just 10 feet from
the serenity of my pool table,
the first storm of winter rages on...
The windows rattle, the wind whistles,
and the rain brings life to the earth.

Soon enough, calm comes to the sea,
the wind subsides,
and a thick fog rolls in.

It is Winter, again.
An opportunity to rest,
and to prepare for the coming Spring.

Winter is an ideal time
to go Inside,
and Imagine.

To Imagine how life would be
at the point where my maximum enjoyment
and my maximum contribution coincide.
And then try to Imagine how shooting pool
figures into that equation.

Now is the ideal time to
update my Plan for Excellence, 2008 edition.

The first thing that comes to mind
is that the past 4 versions of this plan
2004 thru 2007
were very Outcome-focused.
The plan for 2008 will be more Process-focused.

The Process creates the Results.


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