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Saturday, January 12, 2008

There's more to life than pool: Surf

Experiments continue
with the new HiDefinition video camera,
getting familiar with all the settings.

I found a spot on my book case,
right by my easy chair,
where I set up the camera
to look thru the window, across the balcony,
then thru the uprights of the balcony railing,
across the parking lot, and driveway,
and another driveway and parking lot,
past the cliff, the railroad tracks,
more cliff, then the surf...
What an excellent telephoto on this box!

I was expecting nothing special,
just experimenting with light settings,
and after about 20 minutes,
a little slice of life happens...

(click here for 10 second surf video)

So there's one more thing about life beyond pool,
the surf,
that magical foamy place
where sea and land come together,
under a common sky.

And when all this happens,
and the sun is setting,
it's great to be alive.

Too often I never see a sunset
because I am so into the game.
My focus is complete.

These last few months
while recovering from my shoulder injury,
and not shooting much pool,
I have noticed that my life is somehow more full,
or at least it seems that way,
because I'm getting more done,
my life is more organized,
I am less stressed,
and I spend more time on the beach,
and see more sunsets.

It seems that there should be more balance
in my life.

Is there a way to have pool,
and the surf, sunsets, beach...
(I want it all)
and a Ferrari too, ok?


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