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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Project HD: First videos

Continued extensive experimentation
with the new HiDefinition video recorder.

During daylight hours
I did ocean videos and
learned about the cloudy setting,
and the manual focus setting,
and the need for a polarizing lens,
and the need for a microphone,
and I figured out a neat way to
house an outdoor webcam.

During the early evening hours
I tackled the pool table video,
and learned about tungsten lighting,
auto focus, camera angles,
better sound and lighting,
and I also learned that
I gotta kick up my energy level.
I get bored looking at myself shoot pool.
That's bad.
Maybe I could try to
chalk and walk at the same time!
Definitely should keep chalk on me
(use a pocket chalker).
I have wanted to change
my entire chalking routine
and today's videos have convinced me of it.

I should also keep moving.
It's just too slow.

I know exactly what will help me with that:
The Billiard Practice Assistant
who is currently in hiding
(See Help Wanted Ad)
but is expected to show his/her face soon.
I hope.

More stuff to learn and do:
Add music.
Intro and Credits.

Ok, bad as they are,
here are today's videos,
but I wasn't really trying,
just getting the hang of the camera...

8 ball runout

8 ball runout, almost


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