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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Moon, New Project

I like it when new projects start on a New Moon.
It's like they are Destined to go well.

UPS delivered my Christmas present
late this afternoon.
It's a present from me, to me.

My new toy is the
Canon HG10
HiDefinition camcorder
From now on, all videos will be HiDef.

It took only a couple of hours
to get it up and running and talking to the Mac
and a test clip into iMovie 08
and from there to youTube.

Although youTube doesn't show HiDef
all videos from now on will be recorded
in HiDef for eventual selective publishing on DVD.

The truly excellent thing about this device
aside from HiDef
is that there are no tapes to deal with,
all video is stored on a 40 GB hard disk
which gives me many hours of non-stop recording.

Can you imagine being
a few balls short of your high run,
and getting distracted by having to change the tape?
I hate that when that happens...
But not with this camera!

The transfer to computer, processing,
and uploading are still painfully slow.


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