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Monday, January 07, 2008

Doc says I gotta shoot more pool

True Story:

I went back to the doc
for what I thought would be
my last appointment,
but no...

I thought my shoulder was all recovered,
but the doc says she wants to see me
one more time, in two weeks.
And in the meantime,
she wants me to shoot more pool.

Something about that
kinda makes me smile.
If I had a wife,
I'm sure she would never believe it.

"Really honey, the doc says
I gotta go out every night for the next 2 weeks,
and stay out late shooting pool."

Or, try telling the other boss:

"Can't work overtime, chief...
doctor's orders, I gotta shoot more pool."

Yeah, right!

But, that's what the doc told me today.
Shoot more pool.
Could it get any better than this?
I'm saying "Yes".
So stay tuned...



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