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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sweet Straight

Last night I played "Malve", here at the Fun House.
We started with a race to 10 in 9 ball.
(Fast Mikie wins again 10-3)
Then got down to two games of straight pool.
The first game went to 100 points,
and I won with a comfortable lead.
The second game went to only 50 points,
and again, our hero Fast Mikie, was the victor.

The best part was that I was really enjoying it.
My stroke was smooth and my play just flowed.
There was very little Think Time, and a whole
lot of Play Time.
I was "seeing" shots easily.
I could find the combo or carom or kiss
hidden deep inside clusters,
and then use them to open the mess like a flower.

Two such shots sank several balls with one stroke,
and there is extra fun in the bonus.

I was confident of making every shot.

I love straight pool because it is without
the limitations of other games.
The end of the game isn't at the end of the rack,
or after only 9 balls, but it continues on and on...
Championship games are played to 150 balls.
Some few pros have run the entire 150 in a match.

If I could run 150 balls I would be ecstatic!
I live for that day...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too enjoyed the evening. Thank you, and great shooting.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005 9:06:00 PM  

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