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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Miltonio, the cue maker

Students #5-7-05a and #5-7-05b

This past Saturday afternoon found me making the pilgrimage to Miltonio, the cue maker, to discuss having a cue made for me. He's the handsome fellow on the left. On the right is Ashi, a Miltonio customer, fan, and builder of the Miltonio web site. On my way to Miltonio's home/shop, I picked up my instructor, Tony Sorto, to get his read on Miltonio.

Four pool shooters in one room, and a nice 9' table next to Miltonio's shop. Of course there were a few games, strictly for bragging rights. Those fellows chose to be a team and play Sorto and me in 9 ball Scotch Doubles. As it is said by the monk in the Indiana Jones movie: "He chose poorly". It could also be said that any team with Sorto on it will be close to invincible. Of course, we won. Did they really have a chance? It was a purely social game, and it would be good to play again.

Miltonio makes some seriously fine cues. He is an artist first, so he makes what he wants to make, the way he wants to make it. I was thinking that what I wanted was to have some input into the design and execution. Can the Miltonio way merge with the way of Fast Mikie? Stay tuned...Posted by Hello


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