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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Look away... I'm Hideous!

What a curious disease I have.
I am addicted to poking a ball with a stick.

Oh, Lordy, devil Pool has got a hold on me!
I am not free.

In darkened places I fill my needs.
I feed off the misfortune of others,
giving them what they intend for me.

Look away. I'm hideous! (*)

And so it is when trapped in a Zero-sum game.

I must leave a different legacy.
I will change the paradigm of pool forever.
I will remove all negativity
from winning or losing when I play.

Pool for me will be
an ever-changing, inspired and fun performance
with a foregone conclusion (I win).

Now THAT's the spirit!

Ok, now I can go back to the table,
and live out my Destiny.

I shoot pool, therefore I am.


(*) "Look away... I'm hideous!" these are the words of Kramer in the Seinfeld TV show, when Jerry busts him for his cigarette smoking and his disgusting brown teeth. Read the entire script!


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