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Monday, May 30, 2005

An Experiment in Communication

I'd like to show you what El Maestro was teaching me on Saturday. A picture would help, so I found an Interactive Web Pool Table.

To illustrate the shot that El Maestro was teaching me on Saturday, first highlight and copy this string into your clipboard (Ctrl-C):


then open this link in a new browser window

then click "Paste" and answer the prompt in the affirmative.

This will arrange the balls on the table. And you are looking at what I was dealing with.

The shot is to cut the 8 ball almost 90 degrees to the right into pocket A, and bring the cue ball two lengths of the table for position on the 9 ball.

El Maestro's special techniques used in this shot: "aim to miss", stay down, follow through, english: top with the smallest amount of left, and keep the cue out of the way of the rebounding cue ball.


For an interactive pool table that uses lasers, click here!


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