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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Straight Pool Marathon

Dan W. stopped by the Fun House last night for 7 hours of straight pool, his favorite game, and mine too. He said he needed to hit a lot of balls in preparation for the U.S. Open 9-ball championships next month, especially using the "measles" cue ball, which will be used in Chesapeake City, and which performs so much differently than the red circle ball.

The first game Dan just ran away and I barely pocketed anything on those few occasions when I did get a shot. I asked for a new start when he got to 250 and I had only 50. The second game was a lot more even, and there were a few moments when I was actually ahead, but he squirted into the lead toward the end and we finished at about 150 to my 130.

Regardless of the score, I really enjoyed the straight pool. Dan's a class act, and he can shoot pool at the Fun House anytime. Thanks, Dan!


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