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Saturday, September 13, 2008

89 ball run (10 racks -1) in 9-ball

Tony "El Maestro" Sorto stopped by this afternoon to give me a 3-hour lesson. Right off he says that he will have me run 14 racks TODAY. Yeah, right. But I'm willing to listen. So he sets up the balls as in this photo:

The object is to run the balls in rotation without touching another ball, as many times as possible. Today's goal is 14 times. Notice that all of the balls are within one diamond of the foot rail. This requires precision position because the position possibilities have tight tolerances. Getting even slightly out of line may well demand a dramatically different shot.

I stumbled a few times before I got the feel of this setup, and put two racks together. And then missed a couple, did another two, then did it 10 times in a row, but missed the final ball, for a total of 89 balls pocketed, in rotation, no bumping.

At first, I was totally skeptical that I could run this 14 times. Now, I think it's definitely do-able. El Maestro's lesson was to demonstrate how much the mind can hold us back, and how much it can shape our success.

I'm unsure whether this is good performance, or average or what. El Maestro didn't give me any indication on that. It seems to me to be a pretty good number, especially this being the first time I've tried it. Let me know how you get along with this setup. By the way, I have no idea where El Maestro got this setup. I sure never saw it before.

It sure felt good. Eighty nine balls is more that I have ever run under any circumstances, any setup. Try it, you may like it!

Note: moon phase 98% full.


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