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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Asia 10-Ball Championships in Seoul, Korea

I just received a "Stage 2" invitation to the Asia 10-Ball Championships in Seoul, Korea to be played November 11. 2008. The nice thing about a Stage 2 invitation is that I am automatically qualified and do not have to go through the qualification rounds in order to play with the best. How cool is that? Kinda!

Why me? Maybe because I was a student at the Jacksonville Predator Pro School put on by Charlie Williams' Dragon Promotions, who is also running the Asia 10-ball championships. And maybe because they need to fill the field of 96 players.

Since I have yet to beat all the best players in San Diego, there is little reason to travel to Korea for competition.

Also, Seoul in November will probably be a good bit colder than Del Mar, CA. I'm a fan of warm. So I'll stay home


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