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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tight Pockets

The pool hall selected for the
US Amateur Championships,
Southern California preliminaries,
is Sharks, in Santee, 25 miles east.

I read that they replaced their Olhausens
with Gold Crown III tables
with 4" pockets.

So I got to thinking that it would be
a good idea if I snugged up the pockets
on my Gold Crown IV to 4" from the current 5"
and that might get me better prepared
for the big tournament in September.

So tonight I went out among the people
and visited Sharks to check out what
such tight pockets play like.

I'm gonna need some serious practice!
Check out these photos:

Fun House: Gold Crown IV, Five inch corner pocket

Sharks: Gold Crown III, Four inch corner pocket

The way it was explained to me,
Brunswick does not supply tables with 4" pockets,
but it seems that this is pretty much standard
for the tables in the Los Angeles area,
while San Diego tables generally have larger pockets,
and, according to Rick, owner at Sharks,
that's why San Diego players
get their butts handed to them playing in LA.

Another thing about the new tables at Sharks
is that the cushions are Artemis rubber,
supposedly the best that money can buy.

All of this adds up to mighty expensive mods.
I'm wondering if it would be worth it...

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