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Friday, April 13, 2007

In Pursuit of Seven...

In APA league team 8 ball last night
I won my match 5-2
against Jamie Day
and our team won 4-1.

My performance was undistinguished,
but I do remember making one really nice shot
going two rails to split a cluster
in exactly the way I wanted.
And, I ran out after my opponent's dry break.

Other than that, it was work.
Nothing came easy. I was tight.
It might have been because El Maestro was there
for the first time after a 4 week absence
to visit family in Honduras.

Following my sluggish performance,
Tony plays a flawless 5-0 win
with such ease and beauty
it is almost unbelievable that
he hasn't played in 4 weeks.

As of after last night's win,
I have played 10 matches, won 8.

As of before last night's win,
the MVP standings show me tied for 5th place
out of 104 players with 1+ wins.
Due to starting this session late,
I missed 4 matches,
so there is little hope of coming in first.

But that's not the goal.
I'm really in search of earning a skill level 7
the highest you can get for APA 8-ball
(now at level 6).
And for that, I'm going to have to play better.

Back to the practice table...

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