Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
FastMikie's Fun House, Del Mar, California

Sunday, April 29, 2007

In search of consistency - the uniform

Pool presents an ever-changing environment
so one of the great challenges
is maintaining consistency.

A good pre-shot routine brings some consistency,
but that's not enough,
I want more.
I want a consistency that starts earlier
and lasts longer than the preshot routine.
Something all-encompassing,
pre-match through trophy presentation ceremony.

I know from experience in Life
that one must "Dress For Success".
Yet I have not been doing this in my pool game.

I must upgrade my game persona.

I have a great cue and case,
but the clothes I wear need improvement,
not just to reflect the quality of my game,
but to be a constant reminder to me
that I am Fast Mikie, shooter of pool,
student of the game,
student of Life,
becoming a master in both.

It is imperative
to create a state of being
which adds power
for the task at hand.

I must develop the Fast Mikie uniform.
Spiderman has a uniform,
and so does Superman, Batman...

My uniform will be more subdued.

I'm thinking of a fitted Irish linen shirt,
with Mikie's Fun House logo over pocket,
quality embroidered,
shirt freshly laundered, very light starch,
cargo pants, ironed but not pressed, with belt,
comfortable shoes, not overly shined.
No headgear.
No jewelry.
All black.
Hair slicked back, shiny.
(Pierce Brosnan - 007 look, I get that a lot)
Rimless glasses.
(Stephen Colbert look).

Casual, elegant, and
dead serious.

Black glove.
Black chalk holder.
Black tip tool.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if this will be your solution. Although you don't know who I am, and I dont really know you, I like to think I am aware of your standards from constant reading of your blog. I too, struggle with consistency, and have tried many things to fix it, one of these being what you are describing now. Unfortunately it didn't work, all it did was make me look stupid. I believe consistency comes from within, you need to believe that you are oing to play YOUR game throughout a match, and not your opponents, you need to believe that you are playing your best at all times, even practice, and above all, you MUST have confidence in your ability. Now that I have reached a certain degree of consistency, I feel that I am progressing as a pool player ! hope this helps in any way possible !

Your's in Sport , Kevin Green ( Scotland, U.K )

Michael McCafferty said...


Sound advice, and very much appreciated. Thank you!