Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Pool Library

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Fast Mikie Pool Library

Welcome to the Fast Mikie Pool Library,
which I have accumulated in a bit over 3 years of
obsessive curiosity and desire to learn
everything I can about this great game.

Includes more than 120 items, including

fiction, non-fiction, humor, reference)

Instruction Videos in
VHS and DVD,

and some favorite pool movies on DVD.

All of these items are currently in the
Mikie's Fun House library.

Each item is rated
1 star = don't bother, not worth it.
2 stars = of marginal value
3 stars = good
4 stars = very good
5 stars = excellent!

Links are provided for most items
to make it easy to buy or get more information.


Click Here for the
Fast Mikie Pool Library

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poolminnow said...

Quite a library, Fast Mikie. Can you recommend a book or dvd for someone interested in learning to play straight pool? No one I know plays and understanding the break shots seem to be pretty key to being able to play the game.

Michael McCafferty said...

What a cute name: "poolminnnow"!

You are wise to play more straight pool. It is the best all 'round training you can get. But you're right, not many people play it.

It's my favorite game of them all!

Probably the best generally available book on straight pool is Play Your Best Straight Pool by Phil Capelle. It is listed about halfway down on my Library list, and if you click on it you will find yourself at with only a couple more clicks to have it delivered to your door.

All the best,

Fast Mikie