Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
FastMikie's Fun House, Del Mar, California

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Sorto String - Proof

El Maestro and I got to talking the other day
about the fact that all my problems are in my head,
that I have the ability to make the shots,
and I have the knowledge to win,
but that I need to learn to control my mind and emotions.
In making his point,
he mentioned that I am the only person he has ever seen
successfully complete "The Sorto String" challenge
(other than himself).
Click Here for Sorto String challenge rules.

Today I got to thinking about that,
and realized that I never posted PROOF of it here,
which seems like a major oversight on my part.

So, better late than never, I offer you the proof.
Click here for the video file on
showing my run from the 1 through the 9.

It was several days after this video was taken (9/22/2005),
that Tony came by the Fun House,
and I showed him the video,
but he wanted to see me do it with his own eyes,
and like the trained seal that I am,
I did it again, and even went beyond the 9
into the advanced section (not shown), through the 11.

He says that there have been one or two people
who have claimed to have done it to the 9,
but when Tony was there watching,
they couldn't get very far with it.

The reason for posting this now is because
I was doing some further reflection on my
pool achievements during 2005,
some of which, like this one, were not in my original Goals.

It was a good feeling to have conquered this challenge.
It was the result of persistence, focus, study, experimentiation...
It did not come easy.
Now that it has come,
it is almost effortless.

It reminds me of
when I was learning to do a headstand in yoga.
When I finally got it,
after sweating bullets in
a bunch of training sessions,
it became effortless.

It was a discovery
more than an achievement.

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Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Kevin Green Age 15 from Scotland, I find it hard to belive that you practise that much and can't run past the 15 ball in this, I can do it but I'm an international player for scotland. Honestly try it, if you put your mind to it in the right way, you could do it. I enjoy reading your posts and only stumbled across this site yesterday. I think your stories are very intresting and I get the impression that you are trying to make it big in pool. I am too. also with the carom you tried, with the 7 and the 9 ball, a shot i have came to understand is, playnig the 7 ball under the 9 onto the cusion and following through with the white, I love the shot, but I don't know whether or not you had enough room to do that, but I think I should inform you on that one. Keep up the entries because I really enjoy them, because I LOVE pool .