Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
FastMikie's Fun House, Del Mar, California

Saturday, January 14, 2006

9 Ball Blast

Instead of my normal Saturday lesson with El Maestro,
today I became a spectator
(or a "sweator" in pool lingo)
and watched Tony do his magic
at the APA 9-Ball Blast.
This is the playoffs to determine
which teams get into the City Championships.
As always, the host location was
The Hungry Stick.

Tony's first opponent was David Couch
(who eliminated me in last year's Swanee tournament)
and David started out hot,
but Tony cooled him off fast with
some tight safeties
and then ran 50 points to Dave's one point.
It was an amazing sight.
Dave and I talked after the match,
and agreed that we would play again someday soon
so I could get another chance with him.

In the second match of the day,
Tony was up against a guy who was banging
them in with reckless abandon.
It seemed like there was no way to safe him!
At the finish, they both needed only 2 points each.
It was a real squeaker, but El Maestro won!
Of course.

That was the Good part.
Now for The Bad and the Ugly.
The pool tables were pure garbage.
The cloth needed to be replaced 10 years ago!
It was revolting.
Whoever owns that pool room
is sure milking the place.
I haven't seen a dime spent on maintenance,
and it has been that way for 28 years!
Why does the APA continue to play there?

Between Tony's matches,
I got my new modified Predator 314 shaft
(look it up!)
by David Whitsell
who was on site for repairs and cue sales.
Check out his Quality Billiards website.

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