Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Combo or Carom?

At last night's nine-ball tournament,
the good news is that I won a couple of matches,
one of which was against an A+ player.
The bad news is that I lost two matches,
and in double-elimination format,
that's all you get...

The ugliest part of the night was my last shot.
I missed an easy 7-9 combination for the win
because I chose to shoot it as a carom.
It was a stupid thing to do (in retrospect)
because the carom was impossibly thin.
Why did I choose to play it as a carom?
Because the combination reminded me
of a much more difficult 2-9 combo that
I missed in another recent match with DC
that cost me the game/match.
There was fear in my heart,
and what can be expected of a fearful shot?

When I missed the shot,
I left an even easier combo,
so easy a child could make it.
In fact, a child did make it.
My opponent was very young,
(a level "C" player).

Isn't there a curfew for kids today?
Do his parents know he shooting pool
and terrorizing adults
so late at night?

My ignominious defeat,
due to my own stupidity, and
at the hands of a child,
was made even more humiliating
because El Maestro was watching in total disbelief.

Needless to say, I endured much ribbing for it.
So why do I bring more shame on myself
by going public with my stupidity?
To burn this moment, and this shot,
into my memory so it never happens again.

To me, or to you!

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Anonymous said...

nice, cozy place you got here :)..

Anonymous said...

Wow ok..
my name is Shir..i'm 17 years old..i live in israel (so please forgive me if ill have any spelling or grammer mistakes)
i just googled something and i got to your site..i read your post about your national pool competition..that u won..againts all odds..:)
i play bball.. so i kind of.. got connected in some way to the things u said about "nothing ventured nothing gained" and stuffs like that..success is always on my mind as i play basketball but i never had the chance to experience a "miracle" called..or something like that..anyways i think u write beautifuly. i enjoyd reading your blog..keep it that way..:)


Samm said...

It's so hard to tell without seeing the shot, but from the diagram I think I would've chosen the combo also. It would also depend on how far away the cue ball is. I don't mind firin' at this a bit one either, to leave the cue ball on the rail and send the 7 to the other end of the table in case you miss. But then, what do I know. Keep up the great blogging!